I started having acupuncture to help with anxiety and chronic insomnia about 8 years ago. Janine’s warm professional manner instantly puts you at your ease and makes her very easy to talk to.

During the actual treatment, I feel a sense of deep relaxation, calmness and wellbeing induced by certain points becoming unblocked. It relaxes me so much I usually fall asleep whilst the needles are in me!

My insomnia and anxiety were noticeably improved after 2 sessions. I started with 2 x sessions per week and slowly eked out the time in-between sessions to see how long I could go without the anxiety and ensuing insomnia returning. I’ve found I need to have a top up session roughly every month. Coming to Janine has helped me much more than sleeping pills ever did.

I would highly recommend Janine to anyone – she is a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, and that coupled with her warm personality makes it an absolute pleasure to have treatments with her.